Saif Ali Khan reveals how he prepared for role in ‘Bhoot Police’

Sakina Mehdi|October 11, 2021
'Saif Ali Khan reveals how he prepared for role in ‘Bhoot Police

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan sat down for an interview with a publication and opened up about her role in film Bhoot Police.

The 51-year-old played role of Vibhooti in the horror-comedy film, whereas Arjun Kapoor’s character is called Chiraunji.

While talking about his character, Khan shared, “It wasn't as easy as I thought. I just took the whole and it was only after I put on the costume and make-up that I start getting an idea of what the character is like. Certain things limit you, I mean Vibhooti could have been anything from a long hair beggar to anything. So, when I saw myself in front of the mirror, I got an idea that this is how it's going to be.”

He added, “The first day was really uncomfortable but later on, I realized that the character is quite wacky. So, there are things like hand gestures, the conjuring spells or the little mad in the eye, so it's a kind of over the top character in some places and definitely not a normal person. That's how we kept it and made it larger than life.”

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