Neena Gupta drops some truth bombs about Bollywood

Sakina Mehdi|October 12, 2021
Neena Gupta drops some truth bombs about Bollywood

Veteran actor Neena Gupta sat down for an interview with ETimes and spoke about the struggles she faced in Bollywood because she was unaware about how things work in the entertainment industry.

The Badhaai Ho actor talked about a part in her tell-all biography Sach Kahun Toh, where she has mentioned about not calling back director Shekhar Kapur and expecting a call from him.

Gupta shared, “It’s like any industry; you cannot enter a business without knowing the rules of the game. As I said, I didn’t call Shekhar Kapur back because I thought he had told me that he’d call me back. If there was somebody who was advising me, I’d not have missed the opportunity.”

She went on, “Later on, I was advised to write down the names of people to call in a week, and to make at least 10 calls every day, and to keep calling till there is a response. Earlier, I didn’t know all this.”

However, the actress admitted that she regrets talking about her personal life during initial days in Bollywood, “As I said, it was my mistake. I thought they [the media] were my friends but they are also clever, and that was their profession. It demanded things to be gotten out of me. I don’t blame them.”

“But I think in today’s generation, people are very wary of what they’re saying, they’re very good. They have learned a lot from social media; things have changed now,” she concluded.

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