Ranveer Singh shares why he took 'The Big Picture' over other projects

Zainab Nasir|October 12, 2021

Ranveer Singh shares why he took 'The Big Picture' over other projects

Famed actor Ranveer Singh shared reasons as to why he rejected other offers for show The Big Picture.

Ranveer Singh is featured as a host in the show The Big Picture which is slated to air soon.

In an exclusive conversation with Pink Villa, the Padmaavat actor said, "I've been receiving offers of various quiz formats for the last six years, but most of them weren't quite appealing. The unpredictability of the format of 'The Big Picture' is really exciting. When this opportunity was presented to me, I couldn't wait to get on board!"

He further stated, "We are living in a visual era; every person experiences visuals on a daily basis. 'The Big Picture’ is a visual-based quiz show, making it much different from the others. I have been fascinated with quiz shows ever since I was a child, and it's thrilling to know that I am hosting one now!"

Ranveer concluded, "I believe that TV is far more challenging than films, as one gets enough time for preparation in films. But in TV, you have to work with a lot more pace, and the pressure to deliver is immense. I have learnt a lot from TV and have realised that it has endless potential!"

This is Ranveer’s first venture into the small screen.

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