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‘Kun Faya Kun’: Ranbir Kapoor opens up on most moving scene from song's shooting

By Zainab Nasir|November 12, 2021
‘Kun Faya Kun’:Ranbir Kapoor opens up on most moving scene from song
‘Kun Faya Kun’: Ranbir Kapoor opens up on most moving scene from song shooting


Ranbir Kapoor revealed a particular scene from the song Kun Faya Kun that became the most poignant moment of his career.

The makers had organized a digital reunion for the entire cast and crew of the film where Ranbir had discussed the most touching scene from the song.

In a chat via video call, the Sanju star said, “I must mention this one moment in my career I think it’s become the most poignant moment. People give me credit for that one shot in Kun Faaya Kun when I am singing and I look up. To be honest, when I think about it, why do I get so much love for it. It is because when we were there present at the Nizamuddin Durgah, I and Imtiaz would spend a lot of time together, we used to go out at night, we use to sit and listen to the Qawwalis. I remember that day there was a lot of stress because they said you cannot use a dolly or a track. So the steady cam guy had to come, the whole song was shot on a steady camera.”

He signed off by saying, “It was the music, it was the time in my life, the weather in life, the Dargah, the love that everyone had. Everything just became so easy that I don’t even remember that I did anything special or if it was an amalgamation of everyone’s energy that just came into that shot. I keep looking at the shot and I wonder, okay I see it, but I don’t know what I did. I can’t replicate that thought process in my head, I was just singing the song and the camera was just moving and it just captured something which I think I will get a lot of credit for. It’s not something that I deserve, so I have to thank everybody who’s given that moment to me in my life.”

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