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Rhea Chakraborty gives fans a virtual tour from Alibaug

By Zainab Nasir|January 18, 2022
Rhea Chakraborty spends memorable moments in Alibaug, takes fans on a virtual tour of her living abode

Actress Rhea Chakraborty is currently on a vacation in Alibaug, Maharashtra as she shared rare insights from her luxurious stay on social media.

Rhea was residing in a beautiful place known as Alibaug’s Vista rooms with a large pool in the background and was spotted chilling on the stairs.

The wooden interior of the place added immense class and beauty to her vacay abode.

Taking to Instagram, the Sonali Cable actress shared a bunch of pictures from her trip as she happily relaxed by the pool in an all pink ensemble with a hot cup in her hand and wrote, “Grateful for my hot cup of coffee and warm sunshine #rhenew."

As per the official website of the place, “The property is Laid with Jaisalmer stone, flushed with a unique organic warmth. Separate to the main bungalow and across the property is an outhouse which is like a large gazebo with glass walls."

The villa where the starlet was staying consisted of six bedrooms with four on the ground floor in the main villa and two in the outhouse.

Lush green lawns and a mango orchard looked gorgeous.

Amid the dangerous peak of the pandemic, Rhea wass potted travelling and making most of her time rejoicing her cozy vacay. 

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