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Alia Bhatt discussed Gangubai's positive characteristics

By Zainab Nasir|December 07, 2022
Alia Bhatt on Gangubai's positive characteristics:
Alia Bhatt on Gangubai's positive characteristics: "It gave me guts to speak in a big room" 

Actress Alia Bhatt reveals her role as Gangubai gave her all that confidence to speak. 

She had been lauded for the excellent portrayal of her character in the movie

In an interview with Variety she shared a few qualities that stayed back  with her. 

"The positive things that I learned from her, which is actually very, very similar to my personality is that she never let that childlike innocence go, even though she was fighting this big bad world, and being a part of this big bad world, so to speak." 

"Her innocence and her vulnerability was intact, despite having to play this very strong role for these women." 

She further added, "It also gave me a lot of guts to speak in a big room, something I had been nervous to do since I  started working at a young age." 

“I’m constantly told how young I am and it’s always been that way since I started working. So very often, I would just feel a little nervous to speak my mind or say anything, because I was so young, you just feel like you don’t really have a place in the room."

"That’s something that it gave me - a lot of confidence to speak and to go with my gut and to say what I need to say. That’s one thing that I felt very strongly from this character," concludes Alia. 

While she comes from a protected background and the Kamathipura set was the first time she had walked the streets of that area her process of discovering that special yet pivotal role happened through her conversations with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his lens. 

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