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Sonam Bajwa 'coming to Pakistan' this year

By Zainab Nasir|February 24, 2023
Sonam Bajwa ''coming to Pakistan'' this year
Sonam Bajwa teases over her visit to Pakistan 

Indian model-cum-actor Sonam Bajwa is all set to visit Pakistan soon, leaving fans delighted. 

The star gained immense fame due to her acting and has many times displayed her love for Pakistan and its people. 

This revelation was made during a Q&A session on Twitter, during which a fan told Bajwa,  "Sonam, please do visit Pakistan too someday!" and to this she replied, "I'm coming this year." 

Though, this is not the first time the star showed her love for Pakistan as in a 2022 during a chat with a radio portal Bajwa had revealed her staunch desire to be in a relationship with Fawad Khan, if he was not already married. 

"This is a mystery, I can't tell, but only that the person I want to have an affair with is already married," she said. 

"I don’t eye on married men. It's Fawad Khan, so if he wasn't wed, I'd make my move." 

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