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Shabana Azmi reveals her lack of culinary skills: ''Slowly everybody slinks away"

By Zainab Nasir|April 04, 2023
Shabana Azmi reveals her ack of culinary skills: ''Slowly everybody slinks away
Shabana Azmi reveals her ack of culinary skills: ''Slowly everybody slinks away" 

Renowned Indian star Shabana Azmi revealed no one likes her cooking, be it Javed Akhtar or her children Farhan and Zoya Akhtar.

Azmi married Javed in 1984 after the latter's divorce with Honey Irani. 

The star treats Farhan and Zoya as her own kids and they are like one happy family. 

In a recent interaction with YouTuber Kamiya Jani of Curly Tales, Azmi joked about her cooking style, "Mere mein bohot hunar hai cooking ka (I am very talented when it comes to cooking). It is like if you are making the best dish in the world, and I walk into the kitchen and you tell me that you’re going out for a second and ask me to stir it, by the time you come back it will be burnt." 

"So this is one talent I never had. And if ever I tell people that I am going to cook, slowly everybody slinks away. Only mere pyaare abba, Kaifi Azmi sahab, would eat my kacchhi roti and say bohot lazeez hai (My father would even eat an uncooked roti made by me and say it tastes delicious). So I can’t cook unfortunately." 

She continued, "Woh (Javed Akhtar) aur Farhan, aur Zoya aur Baba and Tanvi, woh sabse zyada bhagte hai (Javed Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar, brother Baba and his wife, actor Tanvi Azmi, are the first ones to run away from my cooking)." 

In the same interview, she also spilled how she and Javed had tried to break up a multiple times because of the children but it just never happened. 

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