Princess Eugenie shares rare photos of royal sons on Fathers’ Day

Princess Eugenie threw a message for husband Jack Brooksbank

Princess Eugenie has floated three never-seen-before images of her younglings, August Philip Hawke Brooksbank and Ernest George Ronnie Brooksbank.

On Sunday, June 16, she uploaded these pictures while sending off a sweet wish to husband of six years, Jack Brooksbank, on the occasion of Fathers’ Day.

The first one showed him looking back into the camera as he walked through a bridge of ropes with his eldest child, August.

Next in line was Ernest tip toeing hand-in-hand with his papa around a block, seemingly after the clouds had just stopped pouring since both of them were sporting rain boots.

This was followed by the final image, which again showed baby Ernest adorably holding on to Jack Brooksbank when he was cradling him in arms.

While the initial photo was tagged with the line, “Happy Father’s Day,” the last one ended Princess Eugenie’s sweet little series with the message, “We love you!!”

Jack Brooksbank had happily embraced fatherhood in February 2021, which is when August came in this world.

He kept tugging onto it, eventually welcoming Ernest in May last year, once again being just as much of a joyous moment for Princess Eugenie to hug her motherhood.