Jacob Elordi faces 'creepy' deepfake scandal after Taylor Swift

Jacob Elordi targeted by sexually explicit deepfakes

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Jacob Elordi faces 'creepy' deepfake scandal after Taylor Swift

Jacob Elordi has become a victim of AI-generated deepfakes, facing a distressing ordeal similar to that of Taylor Swift.

As per Dailymail, there are reports that a deep fake pornographic film used The Kissing Booth star's likeness without his permission.

According to NBC News, deepfake material featuring Jacob has been shared on X, (former Twitter), and has received over three million views.

The reports suggested that the deepfake video mixes Jacob's face with a pornographic clip purportedly acquired from a male OnlyFans creator's account.

According to NBC News, the video has appeared in more than 16 posts on X, and the person in the picture is not Jacob, who has a noticeable birthmark on his chest.

The deepfake posts that went viral online have subsequently been removed from X due to 'violating' the platform's policies.

A creator on OnlyFans has stated that his film was utilised to produce the deepfake, despite the fact that he was only 17 years old when the footage was captured.

He tweeted, "That's literally my video lmao deep fake is getting creepy."

“No need on tagging me on every post with the damn video, here or on tiktok i'm trying just to ignore it, you guys should too. btw I was 17 on that video so…,” he added.

One of the most well-known victims of the deepfake this year was Taylor Swift, who was horribly attacked by obscenely graphic and sexual photos created by AI.