King Charles’ palace in uproar from Prince Harry, Queen Camilla clash

King Charles still ‘bothered’ by Prince Harry’s feelings for Queen Camilla

King Charles reportedly worries about Prince Harry’s criticism of Queen Camilla to date.

After the Duke of Sussex left the royals, he released a memoir named Spare, openly introducing Queen Camilla as a “villain” in his and Prince William’s childhood.

Prince Harry even sat for different interviews to finally let all of his feelings out from the time when Princess Diana was crassly replaced by the current Queen consort.

In turn, King Charles became the next bad guy in his younger son’s story by quickly booting him out of his homeland permanently.

But it’s said that despite the Duke of Sussex being light-years away from the royal family now, his words about Queen Camilla still torment Your Majesty.

An insider recently told US Weekly that the Monarch is in “a difficult position” as he wants a reconciliation between his son and new wife, but is “hugely conflicted.”

While King Charles fully accounts that “Prince Harry has hurt Prince William, Queen Camilla so much,” he has seemingly forgotten that those two had caused him more pain first.

It appears that Your Majesty has always picked sides with both his spouse and the Prince of Wales, leaving the younger child to trot on his own.

He allegedly wants to kick Prince Andrew out of the Royal Lodge for gifting it to Queen Camilla as well, such is her importance for him.

And because of this biased attitude, his relationship with Prince Harry will allegedly “remain torn.”