Britney Spears' lawyer ends legal terms after freeing her from conservatorship

Britney Spears lawyer Mathew Rosengart shares his first statement after ends legal ties with her

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Britney Spears' lawyer ends legal terms after freeing her from conservatorship

Britney Spears's lawyer has officially confirmed that the pop star's legal battle to end her conservatorship has finally come to a close and terminated his legal ties with her.

In lawyer Mathew Rosengart’s statement shared with The Hollywood Reporter, he stated, "It has been an honour to serve as Britney's litigator, to work with her to achieve her goals in obtaining the court-ordered suspension of her former conservator, followed by restoring her fundamental rights and civil liberties, while continuing to protect her and more recently to extricate her from all outstanding litigation and the byzantine probate court proceedings."

He added. "As I've always said, the credit goes to Britney."

Mathew also clarified, "As she desired, her freedom now includes that she will no longer need to attend or be involved with the court or entangled with legal proceedings in this matter."

The Toxic crooner lawyer Mathew helped him to achieve freedom from a 13-year conservatorship in 2021.

In July 2021, she sought to end her father's cruel longstanding conservatorship, which was accomplished in less than six months when LA County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny granted their request by November of that year.

Mathew continued to work with her for the next three years in order to handle the last few legal details.

After her conservatorship ended, in February 2022, the Criminal crooner took to her Instagram to express her gratitude to her lawyer.

Spears noted, “This man has turned my life around … So many exciting projects ahead !!!!”

She added, “We accidentally matched for lunch !!!! Thank you for being so kind and respectful to me always!!!!!!”