Kate Middleton’s Wimbledon appearance awaited by Sussex squad

Kate Middleton has made the nation cross fingers

Kate Middleton showing up at Wimbledon to present this year’s trophies is being increasingly awaited by everyone, and the Sussex squad is reportedly not behind.

Appointed as the patron of All England Club since 2016, she has become as synonymous with the game tournament as cookies and cream.

So far not being able to make it, the speculations around her name has now been beckoning both rash and worried comments.

According to Daily Mail, many of these come from fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are known as the Sussex Squad.

Some of them claim that Kate Middleton shouldn’t be able to attend a sports event.

This is because her presence there will just prove that she’s able to carry out more serious public engagements, but is conveniently not doing so.

A chunk of these Prince Harry admirers have even gone as far to say that the Princess of Wales’ popping up at Wimbledon would just show that she’s not sick at all!

On the other hand, many people from the same team of Meghan Markle and her husband’s supporters are requesting that Kate Middleton doesn’t pay attention to all the “nonsense” stirring online.

For them, her recovery should be the number one priority for the royal family, including Prince Harry.