Shahbaz Shigri wants no more: "I'm done"

Shahbaz Shigri wants no more:
Shahbaz Shigri wants no more: "I'm done" 

Pakistani actor Shahbaz Shigri has sweared off love for some time after his engagement with singer Aima Baig broke. 

The Slackistan maker, who has made headlines many times for the affairs he has been in and out of, was previously married to a Pakistani-American actor Aisha Linnea Akhtar but things did not quite work out between them. 

After their divorce he met the Do Bol hit-maker and both finally exchanged rings but now two years down the lane it has been revealed Baig cheated on Shigri and this really hurt the latter. 

In episode 5 of podcast titled Nothing Happens Here, Shigri's friends and co-hosts were seen talking about weddings in general when they stopped and realized, "Let’s not talk about weddings with Shigri." 

To this he responded, "Yes, please. I’ve had way too many of them. I don’t want no more." 

He then went on, "I’ve been in and out of the wringer multiple times. In terms of relationships, I've lived multiple lifetimes, I think. I’m done for now guys, I'm done." 

The podcast came out a week prior to Baig's announement of breaking up with the Parey Hut Love actor.