Faysal Qureshi talks about 'Gora complex' in showbiz undervalue talent

Zainab Nasir|July 18, 2021
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Faysal Qureshi talks about 'Gora complex' in showbiz undervalue talent

Famed star Faysal Qureshi expressed his concern for the obsession with white complexion in the industry in particular and the society as a whole in a recent interview, ‘Gora complex.’

According to Faysal, the concept was affecting the career of accomplished actors by not getting the roles they deserved. He also discussed that having millions of followers on Instagram was becoming a basis for being given a role.

In an interview with Fuchsia Magazine, the Fitoor star said, “Through your show, I really want to say that good actors are getting wasted when I see many such actors, it hurts me a lot. Just because of your face, just because of your color complexion, your Instagram following, don’t waste other people who are really good actors both male and female. So please we need good actors. We must do something, to make the only good actors work. I am watching many tantrums at many places, just because you have millions of followers that really doesn’t mean that all other people are useless.’’

The ‘Gora Complex’ had become a hot topic in the industry as its negative effects were being felt across the industry.

Faysal Qureshi actively uses his social media account to spread awareness on sensitive issues and is often seen spending quality time with his wife and kids.

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