Saboor Aly receives criticism for not wearing a mask during flight

Sakina Mehdi|July 19, 2021
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Saboor Aly receives criticism for not wearing a mask during flight

Pakistani actress Saboor Aly has come fire for not wearing a mask during a flight. Many called her out for not following the SOPs while the country battles with fourth wave of Covid-19.

According to a user, "Saboor Aly flew on the same flight as my sister today. Refused mask compliance throughout. She didn’t even have a mask and was provided one by the airport staff which she wore only for a few seconds when boarding. Her reason: ‘Mujhe doctor ne mana kiya hai, mask se mujhe acne hojati hai (My doctor has advised me not to wear a mask. I get acne)’.”

The user added, "You don’t give a [expletive] about your own health, fine by us. But don’t go parading in public places then, putting other people at risk!"

Soon after the tweet social media users lashed out at Aly.

One user wrote, "The fact that a celebrity who is fully aware of the consequences is acting like this.”

Another tweeted, "Wasn't expecting this from Saboor. That's really disappointing!"

One more wrote, “Go through her social media and you'll see she's out partying every other day. No social distancing, no masks. Maskne is valid. There are workarounds. Cotton masks, changing your surgical masks frequently. Literally, so much you can do to keep yourself and more importantly others safe."

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