Mahira Khan sheds light on victim blaming in rape cases

Zainab Nasir|September 16, 2021

Mahira Khan sheds light on victim blaming in rape cases

Mahira Khan touched upon her stance on prevalent rape cases and public concerns over such issues.

In a chat with podcast Positive Solace, Mahira said, “Those are the wrong questions to ask.”

The Superstar actress added, “Even in the most educated of households, these are the questions that are asked, she pressed, despite the fact that rape happens to women clad in burkas, children in their own homes, and even to young boys, logically rendering all such questions and allegations baseless and meaningless.”

Mahira further added about the film Verna, "Many found it hard to sympathize with and relate to her character, who was raped in the film, because of the fact that she was someone who wore jeans and spoke English. Simply because of these reasons, psychologically, for the public, whatever happened to her became okay, owing to this very mindset which leads up to questions such as ‘Why did she wear jeans?’, ‘Why did she go there?’, ‘Why did she do this?’. Even though all that is absolutely and thoroughly- irrelevant, “and that needs to be ingrained, if not in the generation before us, then in the generation after us.”

She concluded by saying, “This is something that should be taught in schools, put on TV, there should be programs where children understand this. The drama and TV Industry, I think we also have a very big part to play.”

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