Meesha Shafi shares important message for Mental Health Day

Zainab Nasir|October 12, 2021
Meesha Shafi shares important message for Mental Health Day

Meesha Shafi opened up on the importance of prioritizing one’s mental health as she penned a long note on social media.

According to the star, in order to maintain good health it is vital to take some time out to regain energy, reflect on life and eliminate all negativity from life.

On the occasion of Mental Health Day the Zalima Coca cola Pila Desinger took to Instagram posted a selfie and wrote, “Trolls kee bakwas jaari rehti hai, but they’re the least of my concern. And after editing a lot of people out of my periphery, I now keep myself insulated and interact with a trusted few loved ones and those I resonate with as far as core values go. Speaking of insulation, the bigger realization it has brought is that our own mind is the biggest troll if we let it be.”

“So please… anyone struggling with mental health, talk to a trusted one if you can’t get professional help. Be gentle with yourself, tender and patient. Sleep extra if you need to. Take a break from family if they trigger you. Give yourself time to just be. Sit in silence. Cry if it comes. Count your blessings and on the days when that doesn’t come easy, pray for ease. Meditate. Cuddle with your children. Go for a walk. Have ice cream in your pj’s. Show yourself small acts of kindness. Don’t judge yourself," added Meesha.

Meesha Shafi herself had been a victim of toxicity but soon recovered from it after removing a lot of people from her life.

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