Prince William recalls heartfelt moments with Kate Middleton in warm message to miltary veterans

Prince William says he 'knows the power that comes from sharing experiences' as he recalled visiting 'bereaved families'

Prince William shares suicide message with Kate Middleton
Prince William wrote sad moments with Kate Middleton for suicide note

Prince William dived into some heartfelt moments between him and wife Kate Middleton while sharing some strings of guidance for military veterans.

A written series has been recently published by Suicide Bereavement UK, where the Prince of Wales has reached out with a helping hand to army personnel who are drowning in suicidal thoughts silently.

“There is no time limit to processing grief, but Catherine and I have met many bereaved families over the years and know the power that comes from sharing experiences,” he penned.

Extending his and Kate’s support to them, he stressed that those facing these difficulties are “not alone” because they can always confide their feelings in close ones.

Noting how hard it is for some families to control their emotions sometimes, William stated, “Members of our forces never shy away from helping others. But in times of great challenge, it can be tempting to hide one’s own needs.”

“Often the stigma surrounding suicide can prevent those affected from speaking out and seeking help,” he added encouraging everyone to put trust in each other’s company.

The Prince of Wales has also served in the army as an RAF rescue pilot as we all as with the Blues and Royals, and so has first-hand experienced existential crises that run within troops.