Dur-e-Fishan depicts her various ‘moods’ in new post: PHOTOS

Dur-e-Fishan Saleem exudes style and elegance in new photos

Dur-e-Fishan depicts her various ‘moods’ in new post: PHOTOS
Dur-e-Fishan depicts her various ‘moods’ in new post: PHOTOS

Dur-e-Fishan, who is currently spelling the magic of her character Shibra in hit drama serial Ishq Murshid shared a peek into her different mood while working.

Taking to her Instagram account on Thursday, the Khaie actress enchanted fans by offering a peek into her many moods, whenever she is working on the set of her ongoing project.

Dur-e-Fishan rocked a black leather jacket over a white tank top, pairing it with blue jeans, while her straight brown hair with a center parting did all the talking.

She accentuated her chic outfit with silver hoops and a matching chain, flaunting her natural beauty in a no makeup look.

The Kesi Teri Khudgharzi starlet struck multiple poses for the camera, showcasing her different moods from sad, happy excited, to sultry, stern and goofy.

“It’s a story of all moods via working,” Dur-e-Fishan captioned her post, adding, “Also everyone wish @vickyhassan.official happy birthday.”

This adorable post comes over the heels of Dur-e-Fishan's recently resurfaced video in which she got candid about about the cons of love marriages.

Dur-e-Fishan in the viral video listed three cons of love marriage, “Couples involved in love marriages don’t take each other seriously and one doesn’t try to win over his wife in the initial days of relationship, as in the arranged marriage setup.”

She continued, “Both the individuals involved already know so much about each other from their dating period that there are no surprises or sparks when they are officially a couple.”