King Charles, Prince William smack Prince Harry with ‘bitter kick in teeth’

King Charles ensured physical presence to bestow Prince William new role

King Charles once again gave Prince Harry “a bitter kick in teeth” by meeting favorite son and next heir, Prince William, in person to appoint him as the new Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps.

According to Daily Beast, the Monarch turned his busy schedule upside down to board a helicopter today, on May 21, for officially handing the freshly decided role to the Prince of Wales.

While this is a matter of honor for Prince William, it’s a moment of “inferiority” for the “easily replaceable” Prince Harry. 

This is because he remains the most respected former member of the airborne unit because of having served it during his duty in Afghanistan.

In fact, the said command was originally written for the Duke of Sussex until he chose to exit the royal family in 2020, thus taking this honor from him and giving his elder brother a chance to shine in King Charles’ favor again.

Not only this, the “bitter kick” happens to be double-sided.

Upon his recent visit to the UK, Prince Harry had been hushed away by King Charles for a meet-and-greet, sighting a “very busy schedule.”

But now that Your Majesty had to bestow Prince William with another opportunity to make the Duke of Sussex feel “inferior,” he moved his commitments around to make room for today’s engagement with the Prince of Wales.