Donna Lewis reveals making music helped her in breast cancer battle

Donna Lewis shared her traumatic experience of breast cancer: 'My music became my therapy'

Donna Lewis reveals making music hepled her in breast cancer battle
Donna Lewis reveals making music hepled her in breast cancer battle

Donna Lewis has opened up about her breast cancer battle, which she was diagnosed with in 2021.

While talking to PEOPLE in a recent interview from her home in New York, the Without Love singer shared how her music helped her in combating cancer. 

She expressed, "I did not know there was anything wrong. I felt fine. I felt no lumps. I felt nothing. It was a shock."

"I always used to get my mammogram on a regular basis, and I missed my mammogram during COVID. Of course, when I did go for my mammogram, there was something. And that word ‘cancer’ is just so frightening when you first hear it," Donna added.

The singer further revealed that she felt a deep sense of guilt and regret, noting, "I had two tumors. I know if I'd have gone for my mammogram, I probably would have just had to take a pill that destroys the estrogen. But I had to go through chemo, surgery and radiation."

Despite the challenges she faced, Donna’s passion for creativity remained.

She admitted, "There were dark days, I have to say. I kept this journal through my treatment and when [producer] Holmes Ives sent me these instrumental tracks, I was reading through my journals and these lyrics kept flooding out."

"My music became my therapy. The writing and the recording of the album really became a lifeline for me. It was extremely healing."

Donna Lewis concluded with noting, “Right now, I feel good. I feel like myself. I'm doing my music. I'm doing everything I need to do to live my life and I'm happy."