Taylor Swift not ‘marriage material’ for Travis Kelce yet

Travis Kelce not the final one for Taylor Swift?

Travis Kelce doesn’t look forward to proposing Taylor Swift
Travis Kelce not the final one for Taylor Swift?

Travis Kelce has no intentions of popping the engagement question to Taylor Swift anywhere in the near future.

Multiple sources have informed Us Weekly that there’s not a single plan for proposal, whether for their wedding or betrothal.

“It’s not even on his radar,” One person close to the lovebirds in particular said while speaking about the NFL player’s alleged intentions.

They went on, “Marriage is something he takes very seriously and not something he would ever just jump into without giving it some careful consideration.”

“Travis Kelce is just not there yet,” another individual reaffirmed, but quickly asserted that he’s still very much in love with Taylor Swift by adding, “He cares very deeply.”

Questions about the vocalist finally getting to the other side of the picture with her new boyfriend however continue taking space since a proposal speculation recently garnered some chatter.

While the couple was closely followed enjoying a Lake Como getaway last week, there was no proof attained for their engagement plans.

Hushing them down, another source stated, “Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have no plans on getting engaged this summer. Things are going amazing, but they haven’t even been together for a year yet.”