King Charles heads for dissolving UK parliament

King Charles, PM Rishi Sunak voted for early elections

King Charles heads for dissolving parliament to hold General Election earlier
King Charles, PM Rishi Sunak voted for surprise elections

King Charles has taken a step toward dissolving United Kingdom’s parliament for allowing a snap election to be held this year only.

Earlier, the balloting was expected to be held by January 2025, but all of a sudden, a date of Thursday, 4 July, 2024 has been settled for.

Taking the nation by surprise, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced today, on Mary 22, that he has requested King Charles not to wait anymore for the dissolution.

According to Royal Central UK, enabling residents of the country for voting to elect a new government is what matters the most for him.

It will be next week that Your Majesty will be formally observed disbanding the parliament.

After this, five weeks of time will be given to parties for launching out with their respective election campaigns.

Rishi Sunak himself is said to head the Conservative Party, with which he is planning on ringing in another victory by scoring the most number of votes.

On the other hand, Sir Keir Starmer from Labour Party has been standing as a serious competitor with the same intention in mind.

These are the first general elections being held in King Charles’ reign.