King Charles offered new deal to settle all scores with Prince Harry

King Charles’ insecurity and Prince Harry’s mistakes tied up to one thing

King Charles and Prince Harry have scored a fresh strategy to end all rifts with each other.

Royal expert Robert Hardman, who wrote a bestseller on the kingdom, has analyzed the entire situation and proposed a smart way forward.

Speaking about Spare, he pointed, “It’s not what Prince Harry said, it’s the fact that he said it. He gave away so many secrets and was effectively taking notes at the time of Queen Elizabeth’s death.”

“If you read that book, it’s amazing. Now, as an author, that says to me one thing and one thing only: part two might be on its way,” the commentator added.

The release of another memoir, especially if one gets written by Meghan Markle herself, is very “unsettling” for King Charles. 

It happens to be a ticking time bomb that can explode without any warnings.

Robert Hardman went on, “King Charles got two sons. One he hardly sees, and two grandchildren he’s barely ever seen. They can’t come back to royal life. They don’t want to, and it wouldn’t work now.”

He then tied everything up together and suggested that the first step left to repair the relationship between Prince Harry and King Charles is “normalizing it.”