Ryan Reynolds compares friendship with Hugh Jackman to marriage with Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman's ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ will release on July 26, 2024

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Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman spill secret of their ‘lasting friendship’

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman spilled the secret of their 17-year-long bromance.

The Deadpool 3 leading actors sat down to interview each other for PEOPLE Magazine ahead of their film's release, where the duo gushed over their lasting friendship.

During the interview, Hugh said of his bond with Ryan, "There's probably fewer friends in our life that you can say anything to, the stuff you're ashamed, embarrassed, anything.” 

The X-Men actor continued, “And ever since I've known you, and I would say in particular in like the last five, 10 years, we've had more time where we go for our walks because you're an unbelievable listener."

"So you can tell me anything and I can tell you anything, and I don't feel like you're going to be judging or necessarily giving me the answer: ‘Do this.’ And I think that has been the key,” he added.

While agreeing with Hugh, Ryan added that their friendship is similar to a successful marriage.

“I think the secret sauce to a long-lasting Hollywood friendship is not too dissimilar to having a partner or a marriage,” he noted.

The Red Notice actor compared his bond with Hugh to his marriage with Blake Lively.

"I am genuinely rooting for you, all the time. I want you to win. It’s the same way I feel about Blake. As I'm rooting for her, I know she's rooting for me, and it's why we're so connected,” he claimed.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman first met on the set of  X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009.

The duo will now share screen in Deadpool & Wolverine, which is slated to release on July 26, 2024.