Prince William helps King Charles fulfill another royal duty

Prince William once again earned good son label from King Charles

Prince William has once more borrowed a royal responsibility from King Charles’ plate in a bid to be his “better son.”

With an increase in public appearances recently, he will now be attending a special D-Day conference on behalf of Your Majesty, who is busy handling cancer treatments.

The Prince of Wales will touch down in Normandy, France, as British family’s head to celebrate the 80th anniversary of D-Day battles.

According to InStyle, 24 other international heads will see him step into his father’s shoes on June 6.

Buckingham Palace has confirmed the said news in a press release as it shared the schedule planned for this celebration.

But King Charles has not entirely burdened Prince William with a tolling number of responsibilities.

Your Majesty and Queen Camilla will be making an appearance for an event presented by the “Ministry of Defense and the Royal British Legion” in France.

While the session attended by their couple will roll out in the morning, Prince William will be seen going for his part of the commemorative ceremony later in the day.

Although King Charles is a patron of the Royal British Legion, he has decided to let his older son fill in his seat instead because of the new roles being handed his way.