Kate Middleton was determined not to ‘upstage’ King Charles at Parade

Kate Middleton didn’t fish around for sympathy

Kate Middleton was observed standing “strong” at yesterday’s Trooping the Colour, reportedly being determined not to pick up “pity” from people.

Body language expert Judi James told Royal Observer, “Kate Middleton’s body language showed the world what being a royal is all about.”

“Elegant, calm, and stoic with not one smallest jot of self-pity or drama. Kate Middleton’s non-verbal messages seem to signal a smiling determination,” she pointed.

Then, the royal commentator explained that the Princess of Wales didn’t want to take the spotlight away from King Charles.

If she showed a weaker side of herself to the public with no poised composure, then all attention would shift to her instead of the Birthday Parade.

Judi James went on, “This was to reassure the public and her own children and to get on with the job.”

“She made it clear in her written message that this is a step towards a return, not the start of it. But even glimpses of her in the carriage showed resilience,” she concluded.

Other people spectating the event have compared Kate Middleton’s grace to that of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s because of her using “strong and stern” expressions.

Someone wrote on X, “She seems to be trying to emulate the late Queen Elizabeth II, and is doing a fine job of it, actually.”

Using such expressions is said to be a means of showing “stoicism and pride for the family.”