King Charles altered balcony to affect Kate Middleton at Birthday Parade

King Charles made a move never observed for Prince William before

King Charles’ Birthday Parade yesterday became more special with a surprise appearance by Kate Middleton, and so he did a little adjustment to the balcony for her.

As usual, royal members gathered on the Buckingham Palace balcony after the ceremony so they could watch the extraordinary flypast show set by the Royal Air Force.

During this time last year, King Charles was seen sharing the center spot with Queen Camilla to his left and Prince William to his right.

But in honor of Kate Middleton’s grand return, he shifted Prince William to the other corner, making his dear daughter-in-law stand right next to him.

As Your Majesty waved to thousands of people from up there, he even leaned closer to the Princess of Wales as an act of subtly bringing her into the spotlight.

This happens to be a very key adjustment made to the royal balcony, which went unnoticed by many royal observers, according to Hello Magazine.

Not only does this show that King Charles isn’t afraid of sharing his kingdom with Kate Middleton, it means that they’re more united than ever following their cancer diagnoses.