King Charles crowns Jersey for his next foreign visit

King Charles to stop by the island country in July

King Charles has picked the island country of Jersey for a royal foreign visit in July.

According to BBC, he will be touching down to present all Sea Cadets “with their King’s Colours,” which is another word for the flags representing British regiments.

Vice Adm Jerry Kyd CBE, who is his Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, confirmed these plans with an official announcement on Saturday, June 15.

The news happened to coincide with the same day as King Charles’ Birthday Parade as well as the 75th anniversary celebrations in honor of Jersey Sea Cadets.

It has been informed that Your Majesty’s visit to the country is part of a larger royal trip to the Channel Islands, scheduled for July 15, 2024.

Expressing that it’s a “significant honour” to be welcoming the Monarch, Mr. Adm Jerry Kyd said, “I am truly thrilled and delighted.”

Meanwhile, Lt. Cdr David Thompson called the opportunity to be in King Charles’ presence “a true privilege.”

“On the 75th anniversary of this unit, in the company of so many former cadets, I could not want for better news,” he stated.