Britney Spears shares first post after Justin Timberlake arrest

Justin Timberlake arrested on Monday on DWI charges

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Britney Spears shares first post after Justin Timberlake arrest 

Britney Spears is celebrating "the little things" in life, enjoying a vibrant time in Las Vegas, following the recent arrest of her ex, Justin Timberlake in DWI charges.

Taking to her Instagram on Tuesday, the Womanizer singer offered a glimpse into her which she is currently enjoying in Las Vegas.

She shared a photo of her fruity cocktail with the caption, “It's the little things you know !!!!”

Spears also uploaded a picture of herself lounging in the pool with her legs crossed.

The Criminal hitmaker modeled flirtatious clothes in her hotel room in two subsequent images.

She captioned the post “First cocktail dress ever !!! Playing in Vegas today and tonight too.”

Spears made her posts shortly after it was made public that Timberlake had been arrested.

In addition, a 2007 video that appeared to be Timberlake telling Spears to "quit drinking" has gone viral following his arrest for drunk driving.

In the video, Timberlake is seen saying, "Stop drinking," while winning a Brit Award.

He added, “You know who you are. I'm speaking to you. Stop drinking, you're going to get sloppy. OK! is going to say something bad about you.”