Prince William teases Princess Eugenie at Royal Ascot

Prince William pulled a Prince Louis to goof on Princess Eugenie

Prince William was seen mugging out the inner Prince Louis in him by poking some fun with Princess Eugenie at the Royal Ascot yesterday.

On Wednesday, June 19, he showed up to attend the processions for Day 2 of this grand family event, standing in a close group with cousins and in-laws.

As they chatted around, the Prince of Wales visibly glowed with happiness, and at one point, started playing with the long tassel hanging from Princess Eugenie’s pink hat.

Although it’s not known what he said, Prince William was even cracking jokes during this cheeky act, instantly pulling smiles on everyone’s faces.

Princess Eugenie broke into a laughter and her sister, Princess Beatrice, was observed giggling along as she seemingly threw in some funny lines as well.

Mixing was them was Kate Middleton’s mother, who was light-heartedly enjoying the moment with a hand placed on her chest from delight, as per Mirror.

Prince William’s mischief can be certainly compared with his youngest son Prince Louis’ adorable naughtiness.

Whether it’s sticking tongue out at cameras, doing the wiggly dance in public, and waving quite enthusiastically to crowds, the little one carries his monkey business everywhere.

And, now, it’s pretty safe to say that he gets it from his papa.