Dwayne Jhonson shares ‘hard’ training process for ‘Smashing Machine’

Dwayne Johnson’s most awaited show, ‘The Smashing Machine’ is expected to release in December 2024

Dwayne Jhonson, who previously got injured while filming, has shared the “hard” training process for the upcoming drama, The Smashing Machine.

The Rock shared that he loves new challenges and he always tries to work hard to get better at them.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, he posted a video of himself and captioned it, “Training hard, making progress, learning, and growing.”

The Black Adam star can be seen fighting with a trainer as he throws some punches at him.

Dwayne continued, “I love new challenges and working hard to get better at something you love. I have an even greater respect and love for the incredible sport of MMA and all of its warriors.”

“especially now that we’re deep into production of our film, “The Smashing Machine,” he wrote, Grateful to grow and get punched in the face,the smashing machine, written & directed by bennie safdie A24.”

The Smashing Machine is expected to release in December 2024

At the end of the post, he gave a special shout out to the MMA and UFC legend Mark Kerr.