Kate Middleton’s photo for Prince William’s birthday shows ‘strength’

Kate Middleton has photographed her family in ‘safe hands’

Prince William 42nd birthday on Friday came wrapped in a sweet little tribute ribbon from beloved wife Kate Middleton.

The Princess of Wales had once again unleashed the photography expert in her, posting a tribute image on their shared Instagram profile.

In the image, Prince William was jumping with his three kids on a beach, all holding each other’s hands.

“Happy birthday Papa, we all love you so much! Cx,” the caption read, giving full credits to Kate Middleton for serving as the authority behind camera.

Seeing this thrilling picture closely, British Photographer Arthur Edwards has offered a few words through his professional analysis.

He told The Sun, “By the looks of things, it’s going from strength to strength. And, as this photo shows, the future of the royal family is in safe hands.”

“You know, if you’ve got a smiling and happy family every time you take a picture you’ve got a lovely happy family,” the commentator added.

Being a shutterbug himself, Arthur Edwards also took a moment to compliment the Princess of Wales’ skills with capturing people.

“Kate Middleton has turned into a super photographer… That’s a difficult picture to do at the best of times,” he said.