Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg abruptly steps down from throne

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg made surprise announcement of abdication

Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Henri Albert Gabriel Félix Marie Guillaume, has made a shocking decision of stepping away from his post after 24 years of serving the European throne.

According to Hello Magazine, he has highlighted that his eldest son, Prince Guillaume, shall be taking over the reign after him.

This abdication announcement was made today, on June 23, during a national day ceremony.

“I would like to inform you that I have decided to appoint Prince Guillaume as Lieutenant-Representative in October,” Grand Duke Henri stated.

He added, “With all my love and trust, I wish him a happy hand with all my heart. Let us look to the future with optimism, knowing that only together can we achieve great things.”

Now to be called “Lieutenant-Représentant du Grand-Duc,” Prince Guillaume will take on all official governing duties.

But, for now, Grand Duke Henri is to retain his official title as this abdication hasn’t been passed officially as of yet.

The monarch has left the people of his nation quite puzzled because it’s not yet know why he has chosen to express an interest in retirement early on.

Many speculate that it’s linked to his 2008 scandal, when Grand Duke Henri “caused a constitutional crisis by refusing to sign a law legalizing euthanasia.”

This controversy is said to be shaking his throne to date.