Tom Cruise bromances Travis Kelce big time at Taylor Swift concert

Tom Cruise stole Travis Kelce from Taylor Swift

Tom Cruise’s star-studded appearance at Taylor Swift’s recent London concert was not just a big hit among fans as Travis Kelce was carried away by him, too.

The actor got a hot seat in the VIP box at Wembley Stadium, grooving to the music with a shiny smile on his face all the while.

Standing right behind him was Travis Kelce, who appeared to be reflecting an unusual kind of happiness.

In a video shared by TMZ, he went ahead to place both hands on the action flick guru’s shoulders, then leaned in to whisper something.

Listening to what seemed like a joke, Tom Cruise gave a little laugh, returning the camaraderie by patting on the NFL player’s hand lightly.

Another instance showed Travis Kelce raining invisible money on him as a joke while dancing behind him.

This moment between the two was captured after the film producer had taken a stroll inside the concert area as Taylor Swift kicked off her second night performing in London for Eras Tour.

Around that time, Tom Cruise interacted with fans, saying hello and posing for tons of selfies together.