‘Inside Out 2’ becomes highest-grosser of 2024

‘Inside Out 2’ breaks records for animated productions

Inside Out 2 has blown the box office away in terms of ticket sales by raking in a solid $100 million in its second week run.

This happens to be the biggest second weekend collection for an animated movie to date, and the seventh-biggest accumulation by any film in particular!

So far, the movie’s sales have only dropped by 35% following an incredible debut with $154 million.

As per Daily Mail, it’s actually quite rare for a production to amass over $90 million in just the second weekend.

Barbie was one such flick that achieved this milestone quickly by pulling in $93 million during the summer of 2023, but “barbenheimer” had played somewhat role in that.

Inside Out 2, on the other hand, keeps scoring better points after even surpassing its first instalment’s cinema sellouts.

And that’s not all. The picture has now jumped over Dune: Part Two, becoming the highest-grossing movie of 2024.

Sharing this news, analyst Paul Dergarabedian said, “Excitement created by the opening of Inside Out 2 sparked a massive outpouring of interest and carried over into another phenomenal weekend.”

Meanwhile, Will Smith’s Bad Boys: Ride or Die is expected to maintain second position at the box office.