Ben Affleck explodes at paparazzi outside Jennifer Lopez’s house

Ben Affleck angrily chomped shutterbugs for snapping photos

Ben Affleck swooped into a heated exchange with two paparazzi snapping him outside Jennifer Lopez’s mansion.

But it all happened for a very sweet season since those shutterbugs were hitting his eyes with repeated camera flashes as he drove in the dark.

The actor was spotted leaving his and Jennifer Lopez’s shared Beverly Hills house on Sunday night.

Upon being bombarded with white flashes, he came to an abrupt stop, then angrily stormed out of the vehicle for offering a piece of his mind, as per TMZ.

Ben Affleck approached one photographer, and while standing right in the guy’s face, told him not to blind drivers with white lights because it’s extremely risky.

“Don’t flash your lights when someone’s going down the driveway. Don’t do that… that’s dangerous! You don’t even know it can cause an accident,” he grumbled.

Then, turning toward another man, the star reiterated his point about their threatening flashy business.

He even showed frustrated concern for his daughter, Violet Affleck, while having a go at those paparazzi.

“It’s dangerous. You understand? I can’t see! Somebody can get hurt… My daughter’s coming down. You’re flashing lights on her, you’re putting her in danger,” Ben Affleck pointed.

This was followed by him scooting back to his car and driving away into the night.