Princess Anne forces Sir Timothy Laurence to overtake her royal duties

Princess Anne represented by Sir Timothy Laurence at public events

Princess Anne has “forced” husband Sir Timothy Laurence to oversee her royal duties for now.

According to Hello Magazine, she is still spending time at home for recovering from her injury last month.

And since the number of actively working royals has gone down in King Charles’ reign, Sir Timothy Laurence is filling in for his wife of long-time.

On Tuesday, July 9, Princess Anne was represented by him at the annual awards dinner hosted in honor of the Royal Academy of Engineering in London’s Peninsula.

Appearing at the occasion, he joined news presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy for announcing winners on the stage.

Meanwhile, Princess Anne has not been seen in public ever since she got admitted to and subsequently discharged from the Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

While no reason for her wounds has been officially revealed, they’re believed to have been caused by an impact from a horse’s head or legs.

Sir Timothy Laurence’s wife is reportedly going through memory problems ever since the incident rolled out.

Many insiders as well as media portals revealed that she couldn’t remember that the accident happened, and so is spending time at home.