Director of ‘Mare of Easttown’ weighs in on season 2 requests

Fans suggest ‘Mare of Easttown’ should have second season: Director in two minds
Director of ‘Mare of Easttown’ weighs in on season 2 requests

The creator of the HBO series, Mare of Easttown, Brad Ingelsby recently detailed what the film could offer if it had a second season.

Season 1 of the show was intensely loved by the audience and was praised for its epic storyline, plot, character arc and stellar performance.

Thus, a number of fans were wondering if the show would have a second season, as they wanted to see more of Kate.

In a chat with TV Line Brad revealed, "If we can crack a story that is as great and that would do justice to the characters and carry on the story in a way that was organic and yet surprising, I would love to do it. I just don’t know what the story is. That’s the issue right now."

The serial was an epic hit at the box office. The director of the show did not really want to give the serial another season and revealed the reason why. "We gave Mare such a personal arc where she had to confront this loss in her life, and we would have to construct another emotional arc that was able to compete with [that]."

"And I’m also acutely aware of the dangers of doing a season 2 just because you have the [opportunity] to do it. I would only want to do it if we were convinced we had something great.”