Priyanka Chopra calls drag race star Queen Priyanka 'Stunning' for magazine cover

جنگ نیوز

It’s Priyankas’ world, we are all just living in it.

Global Icon Priyanka Chopra celebrated Canada’s Drag Race winner Queen Priyanka on her big win. Queen Priyanka appeared on the cover of the magazine in her glorious form and Bollywood’s desi girl admired her by sharing the magazine cover on her official IG and called her “Stunning.”

On the caption, Chopra marvelled the drag winner and wrote, “Looking absolutely stunning @thequeenpriyanka.” Queen Priyanka shared a screenshot on her own Instagram story with an excited caption, “I can confirm I screamed really loudly.”

That wasn’t all. Queen took to her Twitter as well to post a series of tweets, fan-girling over getting support from The White Tiger star. She posted the screenshot of Chopra’s story and tweeted, “this means we’re blood relatives. thank u @priyankachopra xx.”

The drag queen then also tweeted a follow-up tweet, in which she revealed that Chopra has also sent her DMs full of words of wisdom and encouragement and it was sending her over the moon.

“[P]riyanka chopra is dm-ing me and i don't know what to say? should i ask her WHATS MY NAME? or is that rude since it's her name? [sic]” Queen Priyanka tweeted.