Jodie Comer burned eyelashes off while practicing smoking

Jodie Comer burned eyelashes off while practicing smoking
'Jodie Comer had to learn chain-smoking for playing Kathy in ‘The Bikeriders

Jodie Comer has disclosed that she once burned off her eyelashes while training to smoke for a movie part.

Speaking to Vanity Fair for a February 2024 interview, the actress recounted, “I went to light the cigarette on the gas hub and the flame singed my eyelashes.”

“Generally, I’m quite good with not bringing it home. One thing I did with Kathy — which I will never do again, because I don’t smoke in real life — was that I was smoking a little bit at home,” she remarked.

Kathy was her character’s name from the 2023 crime thriller, The Bikeriders, which gained praises for both acting and execution.

Since Jodie is someone who totally avoids smoking in real life, she had to start practicing it for fulfilling the role’s requirement because Kathy was shown as a heavy cigarette consumer.

The celebrity explained, “My pet peeve is when you see people smoking onscreen who you can tell have never smoked a cigarette, and she was just constantly chain-smoking. I was like, I have to make sure that it looks like she eats these cigarettes for breakfast.”

Having learned “the hard way” not to bring any homework from her shoots, Jodie concluded by adding that at least Kathy became memorable through this.