Shahid Afridi clarifies about daughters engagement with Shaheen Afridi

Web Desk|March 08, 2021

Shahid Afridi addressed rumors about daughter and Shaheen Afridi’s engagement

Shahid Afridi clarifies about daughter’s engagement with Shaheen Afridi

On weekend, rumors were rife that famous Pakistani cricketer, Shahid Afridi’s daughter and Shaheen Shah Afridi had been engaged. However, the former took to social media and responded to the ongoing speculations.

The former captain of the Pakistan cricket team tweeted, “Shaheen's family approached my family for my daughter. Both families are in touch, matches are made in heaven, if Allah wills this match will be made too. My prayers are with Shaheen for his continued success on and off the field.”

Shaheen Afridi responded to Shahid’s tweeted and wrote, “Alhumdulillah. Thanks Lala for your prayers. May Allah SWT make things easier for everyone. You are the pride of entire nation.”

However, earlier a journalist, Ihtisham Ul Haq had tweeted about the rumours about the engagement, he wrote, “With permission from both families, I would like to clarify the engagement rumours between Shaheen Afridi and the daughter of Shahid Afridi. The proposal has been accepted; it is thought that a formal engagement will be done within 2 yrs,following the completion of her education.”

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