Hassan Ahmed, Sunita Marshall give rare insight into their marriage

Web Desk|March 09, 2021

Hassan Ahmed, Sunita Marshall want their children to respect different religions

Hassan Ahmed, Sunita Marshall give rare insight into their marriage

Pakistani celebrity couple, Sunita Marshall and husband Hassan Ahmed appeared in a talk show and discussed about how they deal with religious differences and what religion their children follows.

While talking about their love story, Ahmed said, “I was head-over-heels after Sunita for five years. I used to message her, receiving no response for years but they say when you want something, be stubborn about it.”

Marshall stated, “I’m a very private person who doesn’t entertain everybody. When Hassan would message, I wondered if it’s one of the common prank calls that models usually receive. I guess my marriage to Hassan was written in fate that I responded back to him. We exchanged some texts then for months and well, here we are.”

The couple also highlighted the issues they had to face due to religious differences, “I was the first to initiate the idea of settling down, But Sunita’s parents downright refused the proposal. When we met after couple of months, things fell apart and we took a break for five months until we couldn’t stand being apart.”

Ahmed added, “My family always had issues with my relationship. But my father has always been supportive of me. My mother being religious was concerned about how things would be in our future, the kids and so much more...”

Ahmed also talked about how he has planned to raise his kids, he stated, “Our kids are 100% Muslim but we don’t restrict them from celebrating any other festivities. On Christmas, they celebrate just like how it’s done in my family.”

"Of course, religious conflicts are present in my house. Some people assume it doesn’t happen at all when, on the other hand, we do face issues on our own. For instance, around Christmas, we decorate the tree and have a certain place in the house but my family disagrees to even have it in our home. My kids don’t go to church or perform activities but being a part of festivities from where my wife comes from, teaches them how to respect others who are different than you,” he added.

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