Ushna Shah reminds Pakistanis to appreciate women of color

Web Desk|March 11, 2021

Ushna Shah reminds Pakistanis to appreciate women of color

Prominent Pakistani actress and model Ushna Shah has been often known as the vocal celebrity of the town for voicing her opinions on taboo subjects and taking stand on societal issues.

The Alif Allah Aur Insaan actress has recently taken a strong jibe at all colorist Pakistanis, whose top priority of beauty standards is only fairness and how they miss out on some serious beauty.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the Balaa actress has announced the news alongside an appreciation post of prominent beauty influencer Nyma Tang, who being a black woman has been challenging the stereotypes of beauty standards set in society. Shah’s post read that, “Dear [the majority of] Pakistanis, please get out of your enslaved colonial mind-sets because you are missing out on some serious beauty. I mean, just wow.”

The actress who marked her strong debut in Pakistani dramas from drama serial Bashar Momin has been often seen advocating for women of color and has been addressing the stigma attached to such standards.

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