US Congresswoman Ilhan Omars Spotify playlist features Pakistani singers

Web Desk|March 12, 2021

Pakistani singers, Abdullah Siddqui, Shamoon Ismail featured on US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's Spotify

US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s Spotify playlist features Abdullah Siddqui and Shamoon Ismail

Prominent US congress representative Ilhan Omar has been known for her progressive thoughts in the American politics. The congresswoman has taken the opportunity on the International Women’s Day to support and promote the Muslim artists she loves to listen.

Taking to Twitter, Omar, 38, unveiled the list of artists she listens and as a surprise to many, her Spotify playlist features Pakistani singers Abdullah Siddiqui and Shamoon Ismail.

As her Spotify playlist features many other female artists, the list also includes the famous Pakistani duo’s hit track Kids.

"I am jamming to the second part of my Muslim Vibes playlist as we pass final bill to send checks to people and Sensible Gun Control legislation. I hope you check out these [fire emoji] artists, who are mostly unknown to US audience and give them a boost."

Mentioned in Omar’s list, the Fasana singer was surprised to see his name included in her playlist. Siddiqui expressed his excitement as he captioned his Instagram post: "I’m on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s Spotify playlist. Surreal."

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