Meesha Shafi calls out false allegations and backlash against Aurat March

Web Desk|March 12, 2021

Meesha Shafi defends Aurat March in latest series of tweets

Meesha Shafi calls out false allegations and backlash against Aurat March

Eminent Pakistani singer and actress Meesha Shafi has stepped forward to support the Aurat March after facing immense backlash over a doctored video of the event being circulated widely on social media.

The pop icon, who is also known for her strong opinions and taking stands over societal issues, has taken the Twitter by storm on Thursday as she tweeted her response on the false allegations and misinformation being spread regarding the slogans chanted in the march on International Women’s Day.

The Boom Boom singer wrote, “Classic, twisted and dark,” wrote the singer on Twitter. “A marginalized, victimized and vulnerable sector of society takes peacefully to the streets on a universally designated single day set aside for them, the usual rabid suspects take it straight into the twilight zone!”

In another tweet, Shafi, 39, reflected on the main reason behind the backlash and wrote, “And remember, this whole thing started this time because a young lady displayed a poster stating she was sexually abused by a maulvi.”

She continued defending the peaceful march and said, “Pedophiles are running free. Children can’t play. But the #AuratMarch is a western agenda,” she said further, adding: “This is what epic gaslighting looks like!”

She also responded to trolls who have been targeting her and questioning the importance of Aurat March.

Following the backlash and allegation, the Aurat March organizers released their official statement and explained the banners, flag and slogans were not intended to create any blasphemous content.

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