Nadia Hussain squashes Botox rumors

Web Desk|March 13, 2021

Nadia Hussain addressed rumors of getting Botox and surgical treatments

Nadia Hussain squashes Botox rumors

Pakistani Model, Nadia Hussain appeared in an interview with a publication and responded to ongoing rumors of her getting plastic surgery and Botox.

The model-cum-actor said, “Those who are interested in getting a plastic surgery done and have the financial means should go for it.”

She added, “If I ever feel like I need plastic surgery, I will surely get it done. But people must understand the difference between plastic surgery and [Botox] treatments. I have received and provided non-surgical treatments, but never a surgical one.”

Hussain also spoke about parents letting kids pursue modeling as a career, she said, “If you think modelling is an easy task, it is not. It requires a lot of patience.”

She went on, “I think acting and modeling are both quite difficult.”

Moreover, Nadia stated, “I always get a lot of love from my fans. But I have also heard juniors complain that senior models like me need to give up.”

She then clarified, “Like other models, we are only are hired by the organizers, who agree that it is only fair to pay us more, provided our experience.”

The Jalan actor also talked about fashion weeks in Pakistan and stated, “Things are still improving. But there needs to be more fashion shows for the students, the aspiring designers and models of our country. There is a lot of creativity in them that needs to be explored.”

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