Javeria Abbasi opens up on raising daughter as single mother: ‘I dont need a man

Web Desk|April 30, 2021

Javeria Abbasi: ‘I can give my child a great life from whatever I earn. I don’t need a man’

'Javeria Abbasi opens up on raising daughter as single mother: ‘I don’t need a man

Pakistani actress, Javeria Abbasi appeared in an interview with a publication and opened up about how she raised her daughter, Anzela Abbasi as a single mother while working simultaneously.

The Bay Qasoor actor talked about early days of her career, she said, “What many youngsters don’t understand is that in our profession, you need to keep your ego aside.”

Abbasi shared how she felt about senior roles being offered when she made a comeback, she said, “Initially, it was very difficult for me to transition from a heroine to a mother. It took me five years just to understand myself and come to terms with the fact that now I have grown up. I can’t behave like a heroine anymore.”

She went on, “People don’t talk about this feeling in interviews but everyone goes through it. I played the first inning real well, and I thought it would last longer but I didn’t realise I had spent 25 years on the screen.”

The Raqs e Bismil actor added, “When your screen time has passed and new faces take your place, it hits you. It hit me when my daughter became a heroine; I was like ‘oh shit! Now I am not this [the star], she is.’ When I observed the next generation take hold of things, I stepped back.”

Javeria then revealed what annoys her the most, she shared, “I get ticked off when people say things like, ‘budhi ghodi lal lagaam.’ I mean if someone has kept themself fit and young, what is your problem?”

Abbasi talked about being a single mother, she stated, “Why is it that the first thing people ask single mothers is how difficult it is to be one? In reality, it is fun!”

She added, “I can give my child a great life from whatever I earn. I don't need a man. I raised my child well. I have an amazing daughter, she's beautiful, she's working, I'm so happy that she's a well-educated girl. What else do you want in life? I couldn't have done better than this. This was my best.”

Javeria urged women to stop trying to make a marriage work if it’s not working, she stated, “Stop crying about being single. God forbid, I'm not saying that you shouldn't get married, or you should get separated from your spouse. But if such an unfortunate event has happened and just in case you're there, live your life. Allah has given you a chance to leave a toxic relationship and build one with yourself.”

In 1997, Javeria married actor Shamood Abbasi and the couple got divorced in 2007.

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