President Arif Alvi, wife Samina Alvi give rare insight into their marriage

Web Desk|May 01, 2021

President Arif Alvi and wife Samina Alvi shared personal details about their lives together

President Arif Alvi, wife Samina Alvi give rare insight into their marriage

President Arif Alvi and first lady Samina Alvi appeared in an interview with a local news channel and got candid about their personal lives. The couple will soon be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

President Alvi disclosed that elders called him ‘mischievous kid’ in childhood. He said, “I agree with them, I was always that kid who would be mischievous. I enjoyed going to school as well. Having said that, like every other kid, I have also fooled my way out of attending school. I have very fond memories of my childhood. I was also punished rather frequently.”

The couple told the host they met through their parents. The president said, “We are distant cousins, we knew each other and we had seen each other and were aware of the obvious age difference.”

The couple also revealed that they used to exchange letters after their wedding.

The pair then shared that they usually disagree on wardrobe preferences. Samina said, “I have my own choice.”

The president added, “And I follow suit. There are times when she objects to what I would wear and I'd ask her if I had ever criticised what she wore?”

The host then asked, “Does she end up dictating your wardrobe then?”

To which Samina responded, “Oh no.” The President then said, “She tries her best. We've been married for almost 50 years. It's been 48 years already and I have never asked her to change the way she dresses.”

To which the first lady replied, “That's because I always dress well.”

The pair also disclosed that the first lady groomed their kids whereas, president Alvi taught them. He said, “It was from grade 9 to grade 12 that I taught them. Samina was the one who groomed them otherwise.”

Samina stated, “It was a big task to help our son with the studies.”

She added, “I think because sons are the troublemakers. The daughters, on the other hand, are timider. They listen to whatever you tell them.”

The president shared, “We tried to make our children understand the importance of education to a point that the only thing they thought about was education. That wasn’t what we wanted so we started focusing on other aspects as well. Even after our daughters were married, all they could think about was studying. I told them there was more to life than studying, raise your kids.”

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